Brianna Bernhardt

Assistant Marketing Manager

Prior to her current role, Brianna directed Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute’s Skills Program — a community engaged startup program that partners with local entrepreneurs, artists, and restaurateurs. This experience brought Brianna into the social sector and introduced her to social entrepreneurship. Brianna uses her marketing experience and a passion for community cultivation in the hopes of making an impact in Utah’s philanthropic landscape. 

Brianna was born in Utah but grew up in Boise, Idaho. She returned to her birth state to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Utah. Outside of business hours Brianna enjoys freelance writing, visiting museums, and supporting Salt Lake City’s flourishing arts scene.

Brianna’s favorite part of working at the Community Foundation of Utah is hearing how philanthropy has made a difference in people’s lives. She loves sharing the stories of donors and nonprofits who are dedicated to creating a brighter future for Utah.