Utah Grantmakers Alliance Events

The Utah Grantmakers Alliance (UGA) is a forum for local family foundations and donors committed to convening and collaborating to maximize their philanthropic impact. 

Exclusive to Utah foundations and community donors, UGA brings individuals together to learn and share their experiences in philanthropy. The Community Foundation of Utah, along with the UGA Steering Committee, hosts convenings and curates content to provide resources for giving.  Members explore strategies for more effective, impactful, and engaged philanthropy amongst their peers.

October 2023

Reflecting on Glen Galaich's Fireside Chat - Member Discussion

September 2023

What Will Be the Future Impact of Your Giving?

September 2022

Utah: The Next Decade

March 2022

Affordable Housing in Utah

September 2021

Reflecting on the COVID-19 Pandemic - Member Discussion

March 2021

How Next Gen Donors are Revolutionizing Giving

September 2020

2020 Trends in Philanthropy

March 2020

The State of the State

September 2019

Collaboration within Family Philanthropy

March 2019

The Power of System Level Change

September 2018

How You Give with Impact – Member Discussion

March 2018

The Giving State

September 2017

Multigenerational Philanthropy Member Discussion

March 2017

Bridging the Generational Divide in Family Philanthropy

March 2016

Benefits of Family Foundation Alliances

March 2015

Innovative Social Finance for Better Communities

September 2014

Opportunities and Challenges for Higher Education in Utah

March 2014

Serving Refugees in Utah