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Endowments are investments which provide perpetual financial support for organizations, empowering nonprofits to be sustainable and resilient for years to come. Your organization can start an endowment through dedicating existing assets or by launching a fundraising campaign to invest in the future of your work.

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“Over the years, we have been building a financial future for UNA to weather the many challenges our economy will face. Establishing an endowment was the next natural step. This means we will eventually have financing (through dividends from the endowment) to cover critical administrative functions in the budget. It means that UNA will be around for decades to come!” 

Kate Rubalcava, Executive Director, Utah Nonprofits Association

Start Your Endowment The Right Way

Starting an endowment can feel like a complex process. Once you have established your endowment, however, your organization will reap the benefits of steady consistent income for generations. Opening an endowment with the Community Foundation of Utah gives you access to the expertise and resources of a local institution stewarding more than $200M of charitable capital. 

With an endowment at the Community Foundation of Utah (CFU), organizations gain access to the Nonprofit Success Pack, a toolkit supporting strategy, execution, and assessment of a multi-year endowment fundraising strategy. Access CFU’s expertise in planned giving, non-cash gifts, and board communications through tailored guides to generate endowment growth. Customizable pledge cards, social media images, and fundraising letters in the Nonprofit Success Pack make it easy to connect donors to your mission. 

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