Great Salt Lake Watershed Enhancement Trust

Photo Credit: Mary Anne Karren/National Audubon Society


In 2022, the water level of Great Salt Lake hit a historic low, threatening the economic, environmental, and public health of Utah in ways never before seen. As part of a multifaceted effort to protect the lake, the Utah State Legislature unanimously passed HB 410, authorizing the establishment of a $40 million water trust to enhance water quantity and quality in Great Salt Lake, creating lasting infrastructure to preserve an iconic and invaluable part of our state.

The Community Foundation of Utah serves as the fiscal steward for the Great Salt Lake Watershed Enhancement Trust and is proud to partner with the National Audubon Society and The Nature Conservancy—the co-managers of the Trust—to support this instrumental, strategic effort to sustain Great Salt Lake.  

Invest in Solutions to Save Our Great Salt Lake

The shrinking Great Salt Lake is one of the most pressing challenges facing our community and the Great Salt Lake Watershed Trust is poised to play an instrumental role in the solution. Your donation supports coordinated public-private initiatives to retain and enhance water flows to the lake as well as wetlands restoration critical for the well-being of our community for generations to come. 

For donations greater than $2,500, please email or call 801-559-3005.