Utah Impact Partnership Fund


It Takes A Community

Project Human Dignity, presented in collaboration with the Utah Impact Partnership Fund, represents a concerted effort with Utah’s leading foundations and the state to enact large-scale, impactful change. Project Human Dignity aims to foster systemic solutions for homelessness, emphasizing comprehensive community support and engagement.

Learn More: www.projecthumandignity.org


Advancing Impact Solutions for Homelessness

The Utah Impact Partnership is committed to providing public leadership and catalyzing change on critical issues facing Utah. Through coordinating philanthropic activities, convening experts, and supporting quality research and analysis, and making policy recommendations, the Utah Impact Partnership strives to improve decision-making to solutions for homelessness and housing instability, social mobility, civil discourse, economic prosperity, community development, and preparing for growth in Utah.

The Community Foundation of Utah stewards the Utah Impact Partnership Fund to coordinate and facilitate philanthropic investments on behalf of the Utah Impact Partnership. 

Funded Projects

$1 million to Friends of Switchpoint, Inc. to open deeply affordable housing at the Point

$1.5 million to Volunteers of America, Utah for the purchase of the Redwood Road Detox Facility

$187,000 to Youth Futures for the Cedar City Youth Emergency Shelter and transitional housing

$1.1 million to Friends of Switchpoint to launch The Point at Fairpark, a deeply affordable housing project  

Matching the State's Commitment to Homelessness

The Utah Impact Partnership has pledged to match $15 million from the State of Utah to be used with an equal matching amount of $15 million from philanthropic, community, and local government sources. UIP matching dollars support direct homeless services and associated homeless service system needs statewide as determined by the Utah Homeless Council and state homeless coordinator, based on the new statewide homelessness planning and budgeting process and accountability metrics.


Moments of Impact

  • Funded Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute Study on Homeless Governance
  • Supported the new governance model and establishment of the statewide homeless coordinator
  • Secured $50 million in state support for most vulnerable in FY21 ($25 million for preservation of affordable housing, $15 million for match for homelessness and $10 million for additional new affordable housing)
  • Ongoing engagement with Utah Homeless Council to establish a statewide plan and budget for homelessness

Current Members

  • Clark Ivory, Ivory Homes
  • Gail Miller, The Larry H. Miller Company
  • Randy Shumway, Cicero Group
  • Lisa Eccles, George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation
  • Rick Foster, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  • David Huntsman, Huntsman Foundation
  • Christena Huntsman Durham, Huntsman Foundation
  • Mikelle Moore, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Bert Zimmerli, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Harris Simmons, Zions Bancorporation
  • Scott Anderson, Zions First National Bank

For donations greater than $2,500, please email  or call 801-559-3005.