EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year

Hosted by Ernst & Young, the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award is the world’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs. And we are lucky — Utah is the only state that has an award for social entrepreneurs. The EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award honors leaders and organizations that have developed innovative ways to solve complex social problems, had deep impact, and created significant social value.

Congratulations 2019 EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year Winner

Chris Conard, Playworks Utah

How to Participate

EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year participants gain exceptional opportunities to network with other business leaders in the Utah region. Participants complete an extensive, rigorous judging process. Judging criteria include:

  • Innovation – The entrepreneur has brought about social change with an innovative produce, service, or approach.
  • Sustainability – The organization generates revenues from sources other than traditional donations. The organization can be non- or for-profit, but will have clear differences from a traditional charity or a company that has a profit as an end in itself. Direct positive social impact – The entrepreneur has founded, developed and implemented the initiative directly.
  • Role model – The entrepreneur should be a role model for future social entrepreneurs, with unquestionable integrity.
  • Reach and scope – The initiative can spread and be successfully adapted to other settings.
  • Scalability – The initiative is adaptable and scalable and the entrepreneur is open to sharing tools and techniques for successful adaptation, approach, or technology and creates a culture of innovation.

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