Giving Circles

Women's Giving Circles

Like-minded community members funding for greater impact. 

What is a Giving Circle?

A Women's Giving Circle is a way for like-minded community members to pool their giving to make a bigger difference. Through small annual donations, members collaborate to grant funds to local nonprofits that are moving the needle. Our giving circle members contribute a minimum of $250 annually and have granted over $275,000 to support Utah’s social sector. Giving circles enable Utah's women to network, learn, and empower them through education and democratic philanthropy. 

Ogden Circle of Giving

Leverages small, individual donations into a powerful giving tool, investing in programs that promote positive change through creativity, innovation, education or enhanced well-being. Ogden-based.

Utah Women's Giving Circle 

Leverages small, individual donations into a powerful tool to invest in programs that strengthen Utah women and girls. Salt Lake City-based.