Mission Related Investments

Beyond Giving

A Mission Related Investment (MRI) provides the unique ability to utilize charitable dollars to invest in scalable businesses driving social impact.

Utilizing this approach, we specialize in the intersection of social impact and innovation. Donors can invest charitable dollars into businesses and investment funds working on scalable solutions to our world’s biggest social and environmental challenges. As with a traditional investment, the returns can be used to grow a donor’s charitable resources and create a virtuous cycle of impact.

Put your investments on a mission.

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The Process


  1. Select a company of interest
  2. CFU facilitates due diligence to determine MRI eligibility
  3. Open or make a donation to a DAF to invest in the company

If you are interested in facilitating an MRI, please contact Kiki Potts, Catalytic Investments Manager.


  1. Reach out to Kiki Potts, Catalytic Investments Manager
  2. CFU facilitates due diligence to determine your company's eligibility
  3. Ready to receive Mission Related Investments

Participating Companies

  • Joule Case
  • Beta Boom
  • Hello Bulk
  • Backflip Technologies
  • Neonatal Rescue
  • Portal Entryways

Participating Funds

  • Builders Fund II
  • University Growth Fund II
  • University Venture Fund II
  • Med Mountain Ventures II 
  • Livelihood Impact Fund 
  • Unitus Seed Fund II
  • Micro Ben Ltd
  • Patamar Fund II