Open a Fund

How you give matters. Open a fund that reflects your values and ideals; something your family, business, and beneficiaries will feel proud to carry on for generations to come.

Our philanthropic advisors are happy to go over fund options to help you make the best decision. Contact us here.

CFU_puzzlepieces_yellow.pngDonor Advised Funds

These funds are made for long-term giving, allowing those assets to be available when the community needs them most

CFU_puzzlepieces_blue.pngCorporate Advised Funds

Corporate Advised Funds allow companies and employees to make a charitable contribution with ease

CFU_puzzlepieces_red.pngNonprofit Organization Funds

These funds allow nonprofits to have consistent, predictable financial support.

CFU_puzzlepieces_black.pngLegacy Funds

These funds empower donors to create a permanent source of funding for the causes they cherish.