Corporate Advised Funds

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Corporate Advised Funds grow your company’s social impact with ease, by providing the benefits of a charitable foundation without the administrative burden.

Benefits of Corporate Advised Funds

Companies who engage in socially responsible activities deepen customer loyalty, boost employee morale and retention, and can have a meaningful impact in their communities. 

Opening a Corporate Advised Fund with the Community Foundation of Utah (CFU) makes it easy for you and your employees to give back while requiring minimal staff time. Corporate Advised Funds are:

  • Flexible. We accept gifts of cash, stock, real estate, C-Corp, LLCs, and other non-cash gifts that produce an immediate tax-deduction.
  • Efficient. CFU manages, administers, and invests the fund, so you enjoy the benefits of a corporate foundation without the hassle of management.
  • Impactful. We work with your company to determine which causes or organizations you want to support and help you develop a personalized strategy for charitable giving.

Review our Corporate Advised Fund Agreement and Corporate Advised Fund Policies & Procedures.

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