Designated Endowment Funds

Protect the future for the nonprofits that mean the most to you

A Designated Endowment Fund provides either perpetual support for a nonprofit organization or assistance for a set number of years. These funds allow nonprofits to have consistent, predictable financial support, allowing them to grow and enhance their community impact.

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Benefits of a Designated Endowment

Flexible. We accept gifts of cash, public or private stock, real estate, or other complex assets. You receive an immediate tax deduction for your contributions.

Efficient. We manage, administer, and invest the fund, so neither you nor the organization are burdened with its management.

Impactful. We invest the fund, minimizing costs and generating earnings to benefit the organization for years to come.

Lasting. We ensure that your charitable intent is met. If the organization ceases to exist or changes its mission down the road, the funds can be redirected to an organization that matches your intent.

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