Legacy Funds

Give now and for the future

A legacy fund is an annual grant making fund built for perpetual giving. These funds empower donors to create a permanent source of funding for the causes they cherish.

How do legacy funds work?

A legacy fund is a permanent fund where investment earnings are used to make grants to meet community needs while the principal remains intact. This allows the fund to grow over time to generate perpetual funding devoted to community needs.

Three reasons to start a legacy fund

1  Give more with a long-term investment structure

2  Create a consistent source of funding for charitable organizations

3  Leave a legacy for your family to steward for generations

See the giving power of a legacy fund

With an initial gift of $500,000

Legacy Funds Table 02

*IMPORTANT: This number includes average annual growth of 5.5%, market performance net of fees.

The results provided by this graphic are intended for illustrative purposes only and are not guaranteed. The illustration should not be relied upon nor deemed as endowment fund advice. The investment projections, outcomes and other information generated by the above table are hypothetical in nature, are based on the Community Foundation of Utah's investment goals and policies, and do not reflect actual investment results.


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