Why Give Through the Community Foundation of Utah

Make every dollar do good.

The fees you pay at the Community Foundation of Utah go directly into our own philanthropic efforts and the local economy. As investors ourselves, we understand the importance of a robust and flexible community and are highly localized in our endeavors. Keep your money at home and make every dollar count toward building a healthier community. As one donor said:

"The advice alone is worth the price of admission" - Fundholder, Scott Rosenbush


We do it too.

The Community Foundation of Utah does more than just facilitate donors’ giving. We are a grant maker, fundraiser, and involved community member. Where most financial organizations act solely as administrators, we know what it means to invest in worthy causes from first hand experience.

Flexible. Diverse. Effortless.

The Community Foundation of Utah is dynamic and highly equipped to handle unique and complex transactions, working to ensure that our donor’s charitable giving has the most impact possible, maximizing tax and monetary benefits for clients while minimizing administrative duties.

Launch Your Legacy.

The Community Foundation of Utah focuses on facilitating stable funds with the most impact and longevity. This balance is the key to creating a legacy that fundholders connect with and feel proud to pass on for generations to come.


Open a Fund 


Not ready to open a charitable fund but still want to make a difference? Support one of our Field of Interest Funds or give directly to the Community Foundation of Utah