How We Work with You

Local expertise – We know the needs and opportunities unique to Utah — and the organizations having the greatest impact.

Personalized service – We make it easy to give, now and for years to come.

Community leadership – We are a catalyst for innovative programs that create a stronger, more sustainable nonprofit sector.

Why work with the Community Foundation?

Charitable funds at the Community Foundation of Utah make giving easy and rewarding. We provide you as much or as little guidance as needed. Our funds are: 

Simple – Easy to set up and manage. 

Smart – Give you an immediate tax deduction for your donation and allow you to choose when to recommend grants.

Flexible – Can be established with just about any kind of asset, from cash or stock, to land and limited partnerships. Read our Gift Acceptance Policy to learn more.

Learn more about our charitable funds.

How does the Community Foundation fit with your wider charitable goals?

A fund at the Community Foundation is a great vehicle for accomplishing an array of philanthropic goals. Learn more about some of these by clicking below.